How any government can boost the health sector

Left on its own, global health care would be nothing but a struggling sector. Governments have a central role not only to streamline health care but also to ensure it reaches to every individual. And not only that, health care should be affordable. Therefore, it would be a ripe time to address the subject on how any government can boost the health sector.

Encourage and support innovation

Innovation is a crucial ingredient to a sound and functional health care. With innovation, physicians will work as a team and not individuals. Doctors will not just treat someone because he or she is sick but because they have actually diagnosed them. This would greatly reduce the number of deaths both at the national and international stage.


Fund health care training

The state of health care in a country is reflective of the individual players. If they have been well trained and qualified, they will do a great job to their patients. If they are not, it will be chaos and suffering of patients. There should be dedicated schools to medical training and a mechanism to monitor the performance of those who graduate from such schools. Reform in the health sector should start not at the hospitals and health care centers but rather at the training level.

Increase funding for health care

It is a sad scenario to see countries allocate fat budgets to military and defense with only an insignificant fraction going to health care. It is time governments realize where the strength of the nation comes from. It is from the wellbeing of the people that drive economic growth. It is therefore important that healt hcare sectors get a sizable amount of the national budget.

Motivate health workers

There is a big rift between the welfare of private and public health practitioners. Private doctors and health workers are well compensated thus they give all their best to their work. On the other hand, public health workers have to turn to side hustles to make ends meet. They are poorly remunerated. Hence they cannot give all their efforts to what they do. In fact, this is the cause to the failing health sectors in some countries.


Champion for innovation revolution

Information is a key factor to the growth of health sector. Governments should support and drive change towards information-based health care. This would mean easy access to such information for effective treatment and good record keeping. Such information would mean that chances for misdiagnosis would be at the least level.

Develop national standard hospitals

Apart from the big cities, hospitals are very rare in the rural areas of most developing nations. The poor and those who cannot travel to these big cities cannot access good health care. This is where the government should come in and develop hospitals around the country. These hospitals should be well equipped to handle most of the diseases to decongest the few referral hospitals.

An ailing health sector means a struggling nation. Governments have a big role to ensure that good health care is not a reserve for the rich but a universal right to every individual. With innovation, improved infrastructure, and pro-information regimes; there is nothing that cannot be done to improve health care at all levels.